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How to Debone a Chicken Leg

Introduction & method

Many people think the meat from a chicken leg is better than any of the rest. However, there is the problem of the bones. This is how to get rid of them.

How to Debone a Chicken Leg Recipe

Lay the leg skin-side down on a chopping board. Give it a good old fondle to find where the bones are. Start with the lower part of the leg (shin? calf?). Make a cut from the joint of the leg, down to the end, making sure the cut is along the centre-line of the bone. Work the knife down both sides of the bone, and then peel back the flesh so you can cut underneath the bone. You'll need to slice through the flesh near the foot end. Now peel the flesh away, and you'll find a second, very thin bone. Cut the flesh away from this.

Cut along the centre-line of the thigh bone, and cut the flesh away from it. Now bunch all of the flesh into one hand so the bones are sticking out. Cut around the knee joint, and the bones should come away. Smooth out the flesh and remove the skin if you wish.

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Ingredients & Info

 1 chicken leg

US Customary/Imperial

Prep time: 2 minutes.
Total time: 2 minutes.