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Hauswirt K5 Pro Air Fryer Oven Review

With the recent rocketing price of energy, people are paying much more attention to the efficiency, or otherwise, of their cooking gadgets. It has become apparent the the most cost-effective users of electricity in the kitchen are microwaves and airfryers. People have been falling over themselves to get hold of airfryers, so it was quite convenient that Hauswirt asked me to review this one.

Hauswirt K5 Pro Air Fryer Oven Review

Actually, calling it an 'airfryer' is like calling a computer an adding machine. The Hauswirt K5 Pro is, like all other air fryers, basically a small convection oven. But as well as the 4 heating elements at the top, it also has two in the bottom of the oven. With a temperature range from 60° Celsius to 220°, and time setting from one minute to 15 hours, the machine offers superior controllability. At the lower end of the temperature scale you can use it as a proving oven for bread dough, or a dehydrator for fruit, herbs and so on. At the higher end, 220° will cook a pizza in 10 minutes.

The 25 litre capacity allows you to cook, say, a chicken or joint of meat and several side dishes simultaneously. There are three levels available for shelves, and the machine is supplied with a wire rack, a rigid baking sheet and a drip tray. One of the earliest meals I cooked in it was a budget Christmas dinner - a turkey roll, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, stuffing balls and roast parsnips. That's an impressive achievement, I think.

One feature that makes this machine stand out is the rotisserie. Hauswirt claim you can cook a 1½ kg chicken with it. I haven't tried this yet, but I have used it for a pair of bone-in chicken thighs, tied on with twine. You also get a 'frying' basket that fits onto the rotisserie shaft - I've used this for frozen chips and they turned out great. The advantage of using the basket is, of course, that the food is constantly turned so you don't need to keep turning it. I'm looking forward to making my own cylinder of döner kebab meat to cook rotisserie-style. A pair of 'forks' are supplied that slide onto the shaft and can hold items in place. And there's a steel lifting handle so you can remove the hot shaft at the end of cooking.

The air fryer oven is quite a compact design - a little smaller than a standard microwave. It has an attractive dark grey metal exterior and a fold-down door with a very useful double-glazed window in it. The touch-sensitive control panel has 20 presets for various foods/functions as well icons for switching top/bottom/combo elements, pre-heat, rotisserie and light on or off, and an icon to start/pause cooking. Temperature and cooking time are easily set by selecting the mode and twiddling the knob to get what you want. The Hauswirt K5 Pro is suprisingly quiet in use. The cooking chamber has an easy-clean ceramic liner. 

I've used the airfryer oven for a couple of weeks now and I have to say I am impressed. I've made the Christmas feast described above, roast beef and Yorkshire puddings (and roast potatoes again), wholemeal seeded bread, meat pies, rotisserie chicken thighs cooked over rice, rotisserie chips and fish fingers. They all turned out fantastically well. The only disappointment was toast - you really cannot sensibly toast bread because the top and bottom elements are too far apart. But I think you could use it to melt cheese on bread that was already toasted. So, it's a great quality, versatile and well-made product - I do recommend it, and you get a free oven glove!

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And here's a recipe booklet for the Hauswirt K5 Pro Air Fryer Oven (PDF):

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