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The Long Egg Saga

Imagine a video about how to make a reconstituted boiled egg, about 8 inches long. The guy making it is a bit nervous and clumsy, and the end result isn't great. But 1.7 million people have watched it. Then imagine he works on it some more and does another video a year later. The result is much better and he's endearingly ecstatic at the end. And 4.4 million folks have watched it. Now he's done another one.

The Long Egg Saga

I was that guy, and 3 years later I'm back with Long Egg Mark 3. The technique is more or less the same as the previous version, except I've 3D printed a few parts and the egg can be cooked on its side in a large frying pan. It still isn't perfect - I printed the parts in PLA, which starts to melt above 85°C. Now that I know the process works, I can send the files off to a print bureau to be printed in nylon. Also, I improvised seals with BluTack, but proper O-rings would be much better. And I had to lubricate the inside of the tube with spray oil which is a bit tricky.

You may be wondering why I waited 3 years to work on this again. Let me say that making Long Eggs is not my life's work, it's a bit of fun. I have no plans to commercialise it. But I will tell you that after the last video became popular, an American gentleman based in China contacted me with a proposal that we work together to develop a commercial version. He spent quite some time and money working up to prototype stage but in the end he decided it wasn't viable.

I'm quite pleased with the method I have now - it's still a bit fiddly but then cooking sometimes is.

Here's the first video, The Long Eggsperiment:

And the second one, The Definitive Long Egg:

And somebody made a song about The Long Egg!

I hope you enjoy all this and have an eggcellent day.

The video above is from the Keef Cooks YouTube channel. Click here to see the video recipe of The Long Egg Saga on YouTube.