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Wagon Wheels | Moon Pies

Introduction & method

Wagon Wheels, almost identical to the US Moon Pies, are a childhood treat. But like many things you remember having as a child, the modern version seems smaller and, to a grown-up palate, unbearably sweet. However, if you make your own, they can be any size you like, not too sweet, and they're not actually difficult to make.

Wagon Wheels | Moon Pies Recipe

Make the Biscuit Dough

In a large bowl, mix together the flour and the oatmeal. Cut the softened butter into small chunks and rub them in using your fingertips. You'll end up with a mixture that looks like breadcrumbs. Stir in the bicarb, sugar and salt, and add just enough milk to bring the mixture together - if you take a handful and squeeze it, it should hold together in a ball. Wrap the dough in plastic film and chill it in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Make and Bake the Biscuits

Preheat your oven to 170°C (338°F) for a fan oven, 190°C (374°F) conventional, gas 5. Line two baking sheets with greaseproof paper or silicone mats. Sprinkle flour on your rolling pin and worktop, and roll out some of the dough into a sheet about 4mm (3/16 inch) thick. Use a 10cm (4 inch) cookie cutter to cut rounds in the dough. Transfer them to the baking sheet. Bake for 12 minutes. If they feel too soft when you poke them in the centre, give them another 3 minutes. There should still be a little give in the centre, but they will firm up as they cool. Put the biscuits on wire racks to cool completely.

Coat in Chocolate

Break the chocolate into chunks in a non-metal bowl. Save 8-10 chunks for later. Place the bowl in the microwave and heat for 30 seconds. Remove and stir the chocolate - there won't be much sign of melting at this stage. Give the bowl another 20-second blast, then stir again. Keep repeating this until all of the chocolate is melted. Remove from the microwave and add the reserved chunks of chocolate. Stir now and again until the chunks have melted. This process is a form of tempering and helps give a glossy finish to your chocolate. Place your biscuits on a wire rack over a lined baking sheet, and pour/spread the melted chocolate over one side of each biscuit. You want the chocolate to run right to the edge of each biscuit, but not particularly down the edges. Set them aside for the chocolate to set. There should be enough chocolate left over to coat the edges once you've assembled the sandwiches.

Make the Marshmallow

First of all you need to prep your gelatine. If you have sheets, they need to be 'bloomed' first - soaked in cold water for a few minutes until they are soft, then squeezed out. Dissolve your bloomed gelatine sheets or powder in 60ml hot water in the bowl of a stand mixer.
Now you need to prep a syrup. In a small saucepan, mix 60ml water, sugar, salt and whatever syrup you are using. Bring to the boil with a lid on. Do not stir! When it's boiling, remove the lid and continue cooking until the temperature reaches 115°C (239°F). Immediately remove it from the heat. Fit a whisk to your stand mixer. While the syrup mix is still hot, set the mixer to low speed and slowly pour the liquid down the inside of the bowl. When it's all in, gradually increase the speed until it's close to maximum. The marshmallow will turn white, increase in volume, and become very thick and sticky. This takes about 10 minutes - stop mixing when you get to this stage.

The Easy Way

You can, of course, use store-bought biscuits - digestives or graham crackers - and marshmallows. To use the marshmallows, just pop them in a bowl and microwave them until they are soft enough to spread - maybe 20-30 seconds.

Assemble the Wagon Wheels

Spread raspberry jam on the uncoated side of half the biscuits. Spread marshmallow on the other half. Sandwich them together, then place in the fridge to set for an hour or so. When you're ready to finish the wagon wheels, melt the remaining chocolate in the microwave, and roll the edge of each sandwich in it to completely coat it. Allow to cool, eat at your leisure.

Leftover Marshmallow?

Make mashmallows! Duh. So, lightly spray some oil into some kind of flat-bottomed container. Mix equal quantities (about a tablespoon) of icing sugar and cornflour (confectioner's sugar and corn starch) and swirl some of it around the inside of the container. Spoon in the leftover marshmallow and spread it out flat. Sprinkle more sugar/cornflour over the top, cover and leave to set overnight. When it's set, tip it out, cut it into cubes, and coat the cut sides with sugar/cornflour too.

The video above is from the Keef Cooks YouTube channel. Click here to see the video recipe of Wagon Wheels | Moon Pies on YouTube.


Ingredients & Info

 170 grams wholemeal flour
 170 grams pinhead oatmeal
 150 grams unsalted butter
 55 grams dark muscovado sugar
 ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
 ½ tsp salt
 3-4 tbsp milk
 170 grams granulated sugar
 120 ml syrup
 120 ml water
  powdered gelatine or 4 leaves
 ¼ tsp salt
 1 tsp vanilla extract
 3-4 tbsp raspberry jam
 400 grams dark chocolate (about 50% cocoa)


For the marshmallows, you can use any kind of syrup. I used agave, but corn syrup, golden syrup or even maple syrup would all work.

US Customary/Imperial

Makes 6 -8
Prep time: 20 minutes.
Cooling/setting time: 2 hours.
Cooking time: 30 minutes.
Total time: 2 hours 50 minutes.