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Easy No Bake Cranberry Jelly Cheesecake

Introduction & method

Cheesecake is a really simple dessert to make - no real cooking involved, just a bit of mixing and a lot of chilling. You can use anything your like for the topping - fruit jams, syrups, whole fruit and berries all work well.

Easy No Bake Cranberry Jelly Cheesecake Recipe

Biscuit base

Butter a loose-bottomed baking tin. Crush the biscuits to crumbs and blend in the softened butter. Spread the crumbs evenly in the bottom of the tin, and press down into an even layer using a potato masher.


Whip the sugar into the cream, and stir in the cream cheese. Whisk until it is evenly distributed. Spread over the base and refrigerate for 3 hours until set firm.


Gently heat the cranberry jelly until it is a smooth goo. Mix 1 tsp arrowroot with 2 tsp water and add to the jelly. Heat until it thickens slightly, then remove from heat. When the jelly has cooled down a little, but is still liquid, spread it on top of the cheesecake and refrigerate until set (about 30-60 minutes).

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Ingredients & Info

 8 digestive biscuitss
 50 grams unsalted butter
 200 grams cream cheese
 150 ml double cream
 2 tsp sugar
 100 grams cranberry jelly
 1 tsp arrowroot

US Customary/Imperial

Makes 1 20cm (8 inch) cheesecake
Prep time: 15 minutes.
Chilling time: 4 hours.
Total time: 4 hours 15 minutes.