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Four Cheese Pizza - Pizza Quattro Formaggi

Introduction & method

Four-cheese pizza is a totally wonderful thing - a good variety of cheeses makes for an really tasty pizza.

Four Cheese Pizza - Pizza Quattro Formaggi Recipe

Make the Pizza Dough

Combine the flour, salt and yeast, then stir in the oil and the water. Stir the dough as much as you can and when you've formed a cohesive ball, tip it out onto a lightly-oiled work suface. If your dough isn't coming together, you may need to add a tad more water.

Knead the dough for about 10 minutes. I knead bread doughs by rolling them into a longish sausage, folding that in 3, turning it 90 degrees, stretching into a sausage again, folding, turning. Keep on repeating that sequence until it is smooth and elastic. Place it in the mixing bowl, drizzle some oil on the surface, cover with plastic film and leave to rise until doubled in size, about 1 or 2 hours. Alternatively you can leave it in the fridge to rise overnight.

Prepare the Pizza

When your dough has risen, press all the air out of it and cut it in 2. If you don't intend to make 2 pizzas, wrap the spare dough in plastic film and keep it in the fridge for up to a week. Or you can freeze it.

Preheat your oven as hot as it will go. Cut a disc of greaseproof paper the same size as your pizza stone or tray. Put the pizza stone(s) or tray(s) in the oven to heat up.

Place your dough in the centre of a disc of greaseproof paper and spread it out until you have a fairly even circle of your preferred thickness. Let the dough rise for 15-30 minutes.

Prep the cheeses by grating, slicing, crumbling or whatever works for the texture of each cheese.

Assemble the Pizza

Brush oil all over the dough, making sure you coat the edges. Now brush a layer of passata all over the dough, and then add your cheeses. Some people place one type of cheese in each quadrant of the dough, but I like to do mine in concentric circles so you get some of each cheese in each slice. If you like, you can sprinkle a teaspoon of dried oregano over the cheese.

Bake the pizza

When the oven is super-hot, quickly remove the pizza stone or tray, slide on the pizza and its greaseproof paper and pop it in the oven. A thin and crispy pizza will cook in about 10 minutes, a thicker one might take 15.


Ingredients & Info

 250 grams plain white bread flour
 150 ml warm water
 1 sachet active dried yeast
 1 tbsp olive oil or rapeseed oil
 1 tsp salt
 1 tbsp olive oil or rapeseed oil
 4 tbsp tomato passata
  4 different kinds of cheese - mozarrella, gran padano or parmesan, a soft cheese and a blue cheese

US Customary/Imperial

Makes 2 30 cm (12 inch) pizzas
Prep time: 15 minutes.
proving time: 2 hours.
Cooking time: 10 minutes.
Total time: 2 hours 25 minutes.