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Cheese Crackers Recipe

Introduction & method

Commercial cheese crackers are okay sometimes, but nothing beats the ultra-cheesiness of these home-made cheese crackers. They are really easy to make, and completely addictive.

Cheese Crackers Recipe Recipe

About the Cheese

There's no hard and fast rulles about which cheese to use, except it should be strongly cheesy flavoured and it should be a hard cheese. I used a mixture of mature cheddar and parmesan. Grate the cheese as finely as you can - the closer it is to a powder, the better.

Make the Crackers

Cut the cold butter into small pieces (or grate it) and rub them into the flour using your fingertips so that you end up with a mixture that resembles breadcrumbs. Add the cheese and mix well. Add a small quantity of water and mix it in. Keep adding and mixing in water until the mixture comes together and forms a ball. If you add too much water, you can always mix in a bit more flour. Wrap the ball of dough in plastic film and put in the fridge to rest for 30 minutes.

Heat your oven to 210°C (410°F) for a fan/convection oven, 230°C (446°F) conventional, gas 8. Roll out the dough as thinly as you can on a well-floured surface. Line a baking sheet with greasproof paper, and cut out your crackers with a cookie cutter. The crackers can be any shape or size you want. Use a toothpick or skewer to prick holes in each cracker, about 1cm (half an inch) apart. Lift up each cracker with a knife, and place them on the baking sheet. Bake for 12 minutes, until golden brown and slightly puffed up.

Allow to cool on a wire rack. In theory, these can keep for a few days in an airtight container. In practice, you probably won't be able to resist eating them all at once.

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Ingredients & Info

 150 grams strong cheese
 75 grams plain white flour
 25 grams unsalted butter


Just enough cold water to make the dough come together.

US Customary/Imperial

Makes 45 crackers
Prep time: 10 minutes.
Resting time: 30 minutes.
Cooking time: 15 minutes.
Total time: 55 minutes.