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Chefstemp FinalTouch X10 Review

Introduction & method

A food thermometer is pretty much essential if you're serious about cooking, and the Chefstemp FinalTouch X10 is the best I've ever used.

Chefstemp FinalTouch X10 Review Recipe


Confession - this article is part of a paid promotion. But that's OK because I think the Chefstemp FinalTouch X10 food thermometer is brilliant. It has a very fast read response. It runs off 2 x AAA batteries which are supplied and fitted, so your thermometer is ready to go out of the box. The rotating probe is also the on/off switch and it can rotate 270 degrees. If the thermometer has gone to sleep when you put it down, it wakes up when you pick it up. Lovely. It has a big hole you can fit a lanyard through, and there's a magnet on the back of the rotating hub so you can stick it to a steel surface. Under the cover is a button to switch from Fahrenheit (the factory default) to Celsius. There's also a button that allows calibration of the thermometer, although this shouldn't be necessary as it is calibrated in the factory. There's a hold button for if you need to take a temperature in a place where you can't see the display.

And that display. What a display it is! A deep black background with massive white letters. It's bright and clear and you can easily read it from a distance. But here's the best bit. If the thermometer is upside down, the digits rotate. This is useful for everyone, but especially for left-handers like me.

The Chefstemp FinalTouch X10 is a seriously impressive thermometer and I have hesitation in recommending it. You can buy it online from this link: Chefstemp FinalTouch X10

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