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All-Day Breakfast in a Can - Taste Test and Review

Introduction & method

What could be more convenient than just opening a can and heating up your traditional full English bacon, sausage, egg and beans fry-up? It's got to be good, right?

All-Day Breakfast in a Can - Taste Test and Review Recipe

Now and again I like to try ready-made stuff from the supermarket. Stuff that I really would not normally buy, just to see if I'm actually missing out on something worth eating. Sadly, this was not a delightful, almost instant, all-day breakfast. It was a vile can full of slop. Now I know.

As a kid, I used to like baked beans with those little sausage-like things in them. This 'breakfast' is kinda like that - it's mostly beans with a couple of 'bacon and egg bites', 2 tiny button mushrooms, 2 small sausages of the Franfurter persuasion, and a 'bacon slice'. The bacon slice was a disc of a reconstituted Spam-like substance. Those pork and egg bites were balls of some kind of ground-up pork formed into a ball with a miniscule solid, yellowish lump in the centre. I'm guessing this was the egg - obviously not a natural one, but more like scrambled egg. But there was so little of it you'd probably miss it if you weren't looking for it. All of the pork stuff was nasty - bland, unseasoned, textureless. Even the beans were poor, lacking the vinegary sweetness of regular baked beans.

But the mushrooms were good, so I gave it 2 out of 10.

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