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Air Fryer Cheese Scones

Introduction & method

Air fryers are becoming ever more popular because they are so cheap to run. Despite the misleading name, air fryers are actually mini convection ovens and perfect for baking small quantities.

Air Fryer Cheese Scones Recipe

Prep the Air Fryer

Most air fryers don't take long to heat up, but you do want it up to temp when you put the scones in, so set it to heat up to 200°C (392°F). Cut a piece of greaseproof paper the same size as the frying basket. 

Make the Dough

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl. cut the butter into small cubes, about 1 centimetre (half an inch). Rub the butter into the flour mix with your fingertips. When it is all rubbed in, you should have a mixture that looks like coarse breadcrumbs. Stir in 100 grams of grated cheese. Pour in half of the milk and stir it in with a spoon. Add more milk and stop when your dough comes together as a ball.

Bake the Scones

Scatter flour on your countertop and roll out the dough to a square about 2 centimetres (1 inch) thick. Cut it into 6 rectangles. Paint the tops of the scones with milk then sprinkle on the remaining 50 grams of cheese. Place the greaseproof paper in the fryer, sprinkle it with flour then put the scones in, leaving space between them for expansion. Be careful when doing this, the frying basket will be hot. Bake the scones for 12-15 minutes. Allow to rest for 10 minutes then cut them open, butter them and serve with any savoury item that takes your fancy.

The video above is from the Keef Cooks YouTube channel. Click here to see the video recipe of Air Fryer Cheese Scones on YouTube.


Ingredients & Info

 225 grams self-raising flour
 150 grams mature cheddar, grated
 55 grams butter
 120 ml milk
 1½ tsp mustard powder
 1 tsp baking powder
 half a tsp cayenne pepper
 half a tsp salt

US Customary/Imperial

Makes 6 scones
Prep time: 10 minutes.
Cooking time: 15 minutes.
Total time: 25 minutes.